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5 Tips to Fat Proof Your Home

Your home needs to go on a diet. I’ve seen it too many times: your environment could be one of the biggest saboteurs in your healthy living and exercising lifestyle. We bump against all kinds of temptations every day and changing our living space to reflect our lifestyle is essential.

When it comes to positive changes, it’s all about psychology. That’s why re-imagining our spaces to change our lives is so important. The most natural way to reverse weight gain is to work with human nature, not to fight it.

Here are five simple tips on how to revamp your space to help you lose weight.

  1. Keep most food out of direct sight.

That means no chips, nuts, and candy in plain sight. Put those temptations away. Studies show that people who kept chips on the counter weighed 8 pounds more than those who didn’t buy chips or hid them in the pantry. And those who had even one breakfast cereal bowl visible anywhere weighed 21 pounds more! If you have “bad” stuff at home, hide it behind the good stuff because you are three times more likely to eat the first food you see than the fifth.

  1. Display veggies and fruit on the counter.

Placing fruits and veggies on the counter doubles the amount of fresh produce we eat. Make it a rule that it’s the only thing allowed to be on the counter and place your fresh fruit and veggies within two feet of a heavily traveled pathway, so it’s easy to grab an apple or orange instead of a candy bar.

  1. Invest in small dishes.

The bigger the glasses and dishes you have in your home, the bigger you are. Research shows that people who eat ice cream with a 3-ounce spoon eat 14% more ice cream than those with a 2-ounce spoon. Same goes for wine; 5 ounces in a large glass may feel like a sip. Make sure your plates are no bigger than 10 inches in diameter versus 12 inches in standard American kitchens.

  1. Organize food in your fridge.

It’s not enough to make sure you have healthy food in your fridge. What matters most is how it’s displayed. Keep precut fruits and veggies in clear containers in the middle of the fridge and at eye level so you consider eating them every time you open the door. Studies show that moving the veggie crisper higher causes you to eat more of the good stuff, too. Plus, it always best to have high protein food and snacks such as sliced turkey, tuna, or chicken breast within easy reach.

When it comes to storing leftover cheat food or sweets, wrap it in foil or put it in an opaque container so you’re not constantly reminded that it would make a delicious snack.

  1. Plan and pack your meals.

Planning and preparing your meals in advance reduces overeating. Placing cut-up fruit and raw veggies in small bags encourages you to up your consumption of these healthier choices, as opposed to when they are presented in your fridge as whole pieces of fruit, or a whole head of broccoli or cauliflower. When it comes to dinner, plate your meal. Don’t put food in the middle of the table because you will be more prone to eat seconds and thirds.

These small changes can make a big difference in fat proofing your home, helping you stay on track to your goals.

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