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Weightlifting Myths & Why Lifting Weights is a Must for a Lean Body

I see many women who come to work out with me and want to lose weight. “I can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds,” they tell me. “I don’t like how I look in jeans,” or “I miss feeling sexy with my partner.” Then they tell me that they’ve done it all but worry that weightlifting will make them bulk up. So, what’s the secret of those women who look lean and toned. They lift weights! Here are the most common weightlifting and weight loss myths. It’s time to debunk them, and get one step closer to that lean body!

MYTH: Lifting weights will make you look bulky.

B.S. Your metabolism will increase, and your muscles will grow to a healthy and normal level. It takes much more work to gain any muscle, so you will have to work for every ounce. It’s not easy and it takes time. It will NEVER happen accidentally. The good news is that even a couple pounds of muscle mean leaner body and flatter tummy. But you have to remember that proper nutrition is as important in maintaining a lean physique.

MYTH: Lifting weights is bad for joints.

It’s the opposite! Weightlifting builds muscle and helps grow strength in the structures around your joints, absorbing shock and protecting the joints. A study in Journal of Rheumatology found a 43% reduction in pain in people who were experiencing knee joint pain and then started a weightlifting program. They also reported a higher quality of life than those who just did cardio exercises.

MYTH: Muscle turns to fat if you stop lifting

Who came up with this one? Having more muscle will help you burn more fat. Muscle and fat are two completely different things, muscle never turns into fat and fat never turns into muscle. Intense weight workouts help you burn calories even 16 to 24 hours after your sessions.

MYTH: If you want to lose weight, just stick with cardio

Spending hours cycling or running might feel great, but cardio alone doesn’t equal weight loss and certainly not a toned body. Adding strength training and cutting back on cardio tips the scale in the right direction. Think about it, the metabolic boost you get after just one weightlifting session lasts up to 24 hours. Cardio boost only lasts a couple hours. The best way to get results you want is to balance both.

MYTH: You have to eat very little if you want to lose weight

If you eat nothing, you will lose weight. But you will also lose muscle, and if you are over 40, your skin will sag, and you will most likely look unhealthy. Moreover, who can sustain the starvation diet? Most people end up binging and gaining even more weight. If you want to look lean and toned, don’t skip meals. Balance carbs and fat with 30-50 grams of protein per meal to help you build the muscle, stay lean, young, and agile.

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